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In Granate, red predominates. Known as the “Room of Love” and a favorite of honeymooners, you will find art by Daniela Cuellar and several tin hearts made by Oaxacan artesans which give the room a romantic atmosphere. It also has a terrace which is perfect for sipping a glass of wine with your loved one and contemplating the cool Oaxacan evenings.

Granate Single Double RESERVE NOW!
Rates $110 usd $130 usd  Button Text

* An additional $20 usd per night is added during high season – (Easter, Day of the Dead, Christmas and New Year’s)

Special discounts for the following conditions:

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  • Longer stays
  • No breakfasts
  • Only one person
  • Low season flexibility
[/checklist] ** (Please inquire when reserving your rooms)