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estancia de valencia (67)

This room is decorated with vibrant yellow tones. Yellow textiles, a print from Daniela Cuellar and a ceramic wall piece created by Jorge Pablo adorn this room which boasts a small balcony with a precious view of your garden. Enjoy your delicious Oaxacan coffee here whilst listening to water falling into an ancient pool and the birds singing to the morning sun.
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In Granate, red predominates. Known as the “Room of Love” and a favorite of honeymooners, you will find art by Daniela Cuellar and several tin hearts made by Oaxacan artesans which give the room a romantic atmosphere. It also has a terrace which is perfect for sipping a glass of wine with your loved one and contemplating the cool Oaxacan evenings.
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Jade Bedroom

Green is the color of this room which is reflected in the paintings by Eloy Pérez, in the beautifully embroidered pillows and bedspread. The clean white walls and the large window gives this room a light, happy energy that will start your day off right. This room also has a balcony that is perfect for reading and enjoying your coffee on those cool Oaxacan mornings.
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